Paradigm Motorsports is committed to provide simple and engineered solutions to the world of  racing. We are a small company located in Southeast Michigan with ties to Boston and California.

Our engineering day-jobs consume most of our time but we promise that will not stop you from receiving good customer support. Email is the best way to get in touch with us for information, so please send all inquiries to   Currently, we design and sell air-shifter components for push/pull-type sequential gearboxes, transort wheels for open-wheel racecars, torsen splined shafts, trailers, and more! We have basic 3D models available for easy integration into your design available at our 3DContent Central page HERE

In our store, you will find anything we keep in stock. This includes air-shifter components, transport wheels, and torsen splined shafts. Information regarding our open-air racing trailers is readily available, but not available for purchase in the store. We take check or Paypal orders in the webstore. Please contact us if you absolutely require a different method of payment.

For transport wheels, questions and trailer purchase information, email us at, to purchase currently stocked shifter system components and torsen bars please contact our primary distributor .