The actuator assembly includes two solenoid assemblies, one harness, one non-repairable double acting 3/4" stainless steel pneumatic cylinder with a 2" stroke. We also include the 1/4" female rod end with stainless jam nut. The entire assembly weighs 22 ounces. Pivot to pivot mounting dimension is 7.25" when retracted. Pivot mounting hole is 1/4" dia.

A solenoid assembly includes one Skinner 3-way solenoid- (12 volt, 6 watt, 3/64 orifice). Included is a custom aluminum nut with a stainless debris screen and lock wire holes, stainless pipe nipple, and mini sure connector with 8" leads. The solenoids are rated to 150 psi and will relieve if over-pressurized.

The shifter harness includes two mini sure seal connectors with 8 feet of 18 gage stranded and tinned hook-up wire with PVC insulation (UL 1007, 300V, -20 to 105 deg C). 3 wire color coordinated hookup.