We now have one-piece wheels for open-wheeled racecars! These wheels are cast out of light-weight aluminum, then machined to meet your specifications

Benefits include:

  • On average, our transport wheels will raise your car 2-3 inches, giving more ground clearance while loading and unloading the car from the trailer
  • Because of their design, there is easy access to suspension and brake components
  • Wheels are freed up for tire changes
  • Tube-type tires are less likely to leak than racing tires which saves racing tires from damage
  • Perfect for rolling the chassis around the shop or while the car is in storage


In-Stock designs:
Available designs:
Van Diemen, Swift DB1, Pro Formula Mazda, Stohr F1000
Ralt 24, Ralt 41, Swift 014, Formula Renault




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